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Frequently Asked Questions

What level of care is provided at your facility?

We are a dual certified facility for skilled and non-skilled levels of care. We follow the Medicare/Medicaid guidelines.


Nursing  Care:

Lexington Nursing Home operates a licensed nursing care program, where qualified licensed and certified professionals provided 24-hour care.


Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF):

Lexington Nursing Home operates a Medicare-certified Skilled Nursing Facility that provides a high quality of nursing and rehabilitative care. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping residents attain the highest level of independence by meeting their individual needs. 

What kinds of amenities and common areas are available for residents?

Lexington Nursing Home provides opportunities for spiritual, cultural, and recreational pursuits. We have a beautician who comes into our facility on Thursdays and Fridays; otherwise, the beauty shop is available for their personal beautician- family members are also welcome to join residents in their beautification. We also provide regularly scheduled transportation to a wide variety of popular area appointments, including physician appointments and activities.


Can residents have their own personal phone/internet service?

Yes, they may have their own phone and internet. Some residents have cell phones, and some have the standard telephone.


Can residents bring their own television/recliner?

Yes, they may bring their own recliner and their own television. Some residents use headphones to decrease the noise level for fellow residents.

Who provides laundry services?

The facility offers and provides laundry services to all residents. We use commercial washers and dryers. Families are welcome to do residents’ laundry at their discretion.

Can residents have a personal refrigerator? Yes, some residents have their own individual refrigerator.

What if mom/dad doesn’t like their roommate?

Sometimes people are moved several times until they finally find the “perfect” roommate.

How do I become a resident?

Schedule a personal visit with one of our knowledgeable staff members to learn more about the benefits and value of living at Lexington Nursing Home- you can call or submit a form on our home page.

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