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Dining Experience

Hi! My name is Dorothy Celaya, and I have been the Dietary Manager at Lexington Nursing Home for the past 20 years. My job isn’t easy, but I love it and would not change for anything.


The priority of my job is to make sure our residents’ nutritional needs are met each and every meal- which can be challenging! Not only do we have to know the medically necessary needs of our residents, but also their individual likes and dislikes. These details are considered in the planning of every meal, every day, for every resident.


My staff and I work hard to provide meals that our residents enjoy, keeping in mind that food is one of the most anticipated parts of their day! We want to see them happy and satisfied when they finish their meals. That is why, when I restructure our menu twice a year, I talk to all the residents about menu items. I then incorporate their ideas and input into the new menu as much as possible.


We love to see our residents eat with their family members! One reason I encourage families to join us for meals is so they can taste the food we are serving their family members. We get great compliments on our food, and family members never come just once!


This facility has always maintained a certain reputation for the food that is served. Our biscuits and gravy, pies, and the majority of our meals are made from scratch. When potatoes are on the menu we peel them, just as my grandmother did when she began this business in 1957. I am very proud to follow in her traditions.


In the summertime, we often enjoy fresh garden tomatoes, squash, and okra that are brought by local neighbors for our residents to enjoy. We have several cook-outs each year to celebrate special events. Nothing says family like a grilled hot dog or hamburger,  bbq chicken, potato salad, baked beans, and fresh watermelon- all enjoyed outside.


Just like in any traditional household, mealtime is family time. Our residents are our family, and mealtime is no exception! Thank you for trusting me and my staff to provide meals for your loved ones. 

     Sincerely, Dorothy Celaya

     Staff Member, 22 years

     Dietary Manager, 20 years

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