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Our Philosophy

Lexington Nursing Home aspires to the ideals of a true loving and home-like environment, maintaining the highest level of nursing care for our residents. It is our goal to establish a level of care that is above the accepted standard, to give love and attention as well as clinical care, and to meet all aspects of our residents' needs. 

Why Choose Us?


632 S. E. Third - Lexington, OK 73051

Phone: (405) 527 - 6531

Fax: (405) 527 - 5523

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Lexington Nursing Home welcomes you and your loved ones with open arms. We believe in running our business like a family. There is always a warm, home-like atmosphere. Residents are able to live a full lifestyle while having every benefit of a compassionate, caring, and qualified medical staff. 

We know life changing events are stressful, and we strive to make this transition a little easier. 


          Lexington Nursing Home Staff

Patient Care

Our mission is to give each resident a true sense of home and allow them to live each day to the best of their ability.

Our History

Lexington Nursing Home was established in 1957 by Mrs. Dora Lawson, who built the facility to care for the elderly and in-firmed neighbors in our community. The facility relocated in 1977 to the present location, where we continue to offer the same care and compassion that has been in place for over 50 years. Visit us and experience the love, compassion, and care that we put into each day. It's more than a job: it's a family. 

Our Mission

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